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My name is Gabriela Landa

I am a Czech-born, German-raised, U.S. resident anthropologist, writer, and photographer.


The author and photographer of the book Transcendent Wisdom of the Maya, I studied photography with Hartmut Schmidt in Germany. I later worked at the International Center

of Photography in New York. Formerly, I was the U.S. correspondent for the art magazine Atelier from New York.

Photography, writing, and organizing events are my ways of walking and making sense of this world. They both took me to many countries and unique cultures while exploring different creative processes, which I invite you to visit here in my photographs: Guatemala, New York, Paris, Prague, Sri Lanka, and Hawaii--I hope to bring my unique perspective of these known and unknown places and people's destinies to your attention, so you too may live the intensity of traditions, history, daily endeavors, loves, and sorrows which people experience in our world.


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Portrait photograph by Geo and Gabriela Ksandr

gabriela landa jurosz.jpg


Int. Color Awards

Children of the World

and Portrait

March - 2022

Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Women see Women

May - 2021

B&W Spider Awards



MIFA - Moscow Int. Foto Awards 

Single winner

Silver   Editorial - political

Bronze Fine Art Collage

July 2021

Latest solo exhibits

Arcus Gallery, Czech Republic

June  - 2022

Monastery Speinshart, Germany 

Summer  - 2014

FOCUS-Europa’s 6th Contemporary Art, Plassenburg, Germany 

Summer  - 2012

German Mission to the U.N.

New York 

January - 2009

group show

Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography 


December - 2021

Monochrome Photography Awards

Honorable Mention in Portrait



MIFA - Moscow Int. Foto Awards 

Honorable Mention Fine Art Abstract



Photographer's Magazine Awards





Email:      Please do not use the chat box. 

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