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My mission in photography...

… is for people to step outside their habitual realm and connect with others without having to travel and share their lives physically. Why did God or the universe make us so different? Did he do that to annoy us? to create boundaries? or perhaps so we overcome the differences and see each other truly; so that we can experience a different self in one lifetime without having to live the life of the other—just by imagination. 

The otherness of people deeply concerns me. I once was on the verge to becoming a war photographer in Yugoslavia. At a very intense moment, I jumped on the train back north, realising that showing disturbing war events was not my answer, and that I wanted to go the path of love and understanding.

Photography has so much to do with imagination—be it in its abstract form, such as multiple exposure, or in works of realism. Each image tells something from of outside of us yet simultaneously from within. It gives the opportunity to discover a part of ourselves which we have not known before. If some of my photographs can achieve that, I will have fulfilled a piece of my mission. If such recognition leads the viewer to feel compassion and help others in some way, the purpose is enlarged for all of those involved.

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